Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces Are Not Designed To Be Chewed!

Repeat after me, baltic amber teething necklaces are not designed to be chewed! Don’t worry if you take that this is how they were mentally use though for you would not be alone.

It’s easy to think that because these pieces of jewellery worn around the neck but are designed to relieve pain symptoms in a teething child that the most obvious way for them to work would be for the child to chew on them, but this is not the case.

Instead, they are designed in such a way that when the Baltic amber is placed on bare skin, succinic acid begins to omit from the amber, seeking its way through the pores on your child’s skin.

It’s not just children that these are designed though and anybody of any age can wear one. But the most popular use seems to be for treating pain that children may be suffering as they go to the teething process.

The amber itself is often millions of years old and dates back to when the Baltic forests’ trees sap began to harden and form what is now used for the necklace.

Although they look pretty cute they also have pain healing properties which are an ideal solution if you don’t want to be giving your children unnecessary medicine to help their problem.

Amber is soft and brittle so to avoid damaging it you should not allow it to come into contact with any chemicals or other metals. Storing it in a jewellery box is a good idea when you are not using it, especially since your child or you does not need to wear it every minute of the day.

If this is your child that is wearing one it should always be under your supervision anyway, and since you can’t keep an eye on them 24 / 7 this is the best time to store your amber teething neck race in a safe and secure place.

There are all sorts of counterfeit Baltic amber teething necklaces which are being panels online and at local markets. You really don’t want to end up with one of these since they passed no medical benefits to the end user and many are just made up of cheap material such as plastic or copal. Luckily you can test your amber to see if it is real or not by performing the flow test. To do this simply dissolve some salt in one or two parts of cold water.

Then place your necklace in the container and if it floats the luckily your amber is real, but if it sinks to the bottom unfortunately for you you have probably purchased one that is either made of plastic or copal and you should seek a refund if possible.

The best thing to do is to make sure that you choose a reputable amber teething neck lace retailer since they provide a certificate that reveals whether the neck lace is authentic or not.

The health benefits of amber have been known to work for thousands of years but the concept of putting it into a necklace and other forms of jewellery such as anklets and bracelets really only is the modern idea.

If you are looking for a natural homoeopathic solution to your baby’s teething problems then there is no better option than choosing to use Baltic amber jewellery.

There are other options to go with such as the damp cloth method or placing crushed ice in a glass for a child to swish about in the amount but no one seemed to be as effective as succinic acid passing through the bloodstream.

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