Saddles For Sale For Gaited Horses

No matter what gait your horse has you need to constantly be looking to improve it and the best way to do this is to not only have them fitted with a correctly fitted saddle, but also to train them regularly. Training your horse or three times a week in your local arena is recommended, and it is here and at home that you can learn more about correctly fitting the saddle and choosing the best saddles for sale for your horse’s need.

Really we would say that the secret to success lies in choosing the correct horse saddle so you must get this right from the very beginning.

If you notice that your horse’s nose seems to be pointing in the air when you are riding him and this can be as a result that you are either sitting to fire back in the saddle, or that the saddle itself is way too far back on his back. If the horse cannot carry you properly it will give him a bad posture and a sore back which will eventually lead to chronic back pain that is irreversible. You wouldn’t do this to yourself and you should not treat your horse any differently. They are a majestic creature and should be treated like one.

If you don’t know what to look for when choosing a saddle for your horse then stop what you are doing right now and speak to somebody who can help you since the chances are you are doing more harm than good with your ignorance.

Have you ever noticed your bum sticking out for your belly pushed forward as you are riding? This is yet another clear indicator things and not as they should be in terms of the saddle fit. If this is the case then you are clearly not sitting as you should be and the horses trying to compensate for the increase in weight that you are putting on him which in time will seriously damage his health.

A reluctance to jump or canter is often put down to the horse being lame or some other problem, but the truth is that almost all of the time it is because you chose the wrong saddle for sale to begin with.

Bucking as it is known as is generally a sign of back pain and poor saddle fit and is often associated with the horse swishing his tail. You should keep an eye out for any of these symptoms and speak to a saddler at nearest opportunity if it becomes even worse. The problem with this is that as a rider your weight will be falling to one side and out of the cantle, again leaving the horse in much pain that is totally unnecessary.

Much like buying shoes for yourself or for a loved one, choosing the correct option from the many saddles for sale online requires you to almost try it on and see for yourself. Of course you are not going to wear the saddle yourself, but if you can you should request a trial, especially if you are purchasing one online so that you can try it on your horse and see if it fits him the way it should.

If it does not fit your horse the way that you expected it to then you should have no qualms about sending it back. Any self-respecting saddle retailer will have no problem in replacing it with a correctly size one of refunding you if necessary.

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