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I find it to be hilarious when you read some comments on blogs forums of people trying to say that programmes such as soft Data Recovery (formerly known as Data Recovery Mac ) are a better solution to your needs than Mackeeper.

Their argument seems to be one that is made by either an employee of that company or somebody who clearly hasn’t used Mackeeper. They state that while Mackeeper can recover files that were deleted by accident it is often unsatisfactory in doing so.

This is not correct, and to date I have yet to have a problem with Mackeeper in this regard.

Another agenda they seem to have against Kromtech’s world-famous creation is that they say it scans files and folders to slowly and often “cannot find the files”. Once again I would have to disagree with this as to me it seems like it is lightning quick as it does a deep scan of my Mac looking for duplicate files and folders and any junk files which need to be deleted.

Some other people’s “problems” seem to be that even after running a scan on their computer with Mackeeper that all of a sudden strange things seem to happen such as font size is changing and bookmarks and saved passwords and usernames disappearing.

Perhaps they have done something wrong themselves sent in three years of using the software I have never experienced any such problems and if I did I wouldn’t go badmouthing a reputable companies such as Kromtech in such slanderous ways.

I’m surprised they don’t have a lawsuit filed against them, but then again we are living in the age of free speech and an unregulated internet which I am happy to abide by.

Despite there being a lawsuit filed against Zeobit who wear the former creators of MACKEEPER before they sold the rights to the software to the now owners Kromtech there seems to be no end to demands for this software. More and more people seem to be coming to the conclusion that their Mac is not safe from cyber attacks and this has been shown to be the case on many occasions despite a small minority still believing that their Mac is immune to such problems.

Personally I would not let a lawsuit against a former owner of a company dissuade me from purchasing what is obviously a valuable piece of software and one that is guaranteed to make me feel more secure as I browsed the web.

It’s not just the added layer of security that has led me to buying Mackeeper premium. You could say that perhaps it was when I found out that a certain Mackeeper coupon could be used to save between 10 and 20% of the initial price but that wouldn’t be doing the software justice although it did help in persuading me to place an order.

Instead it was their series of miniature programs that are built into the overall user interface that really got me interested in spending the money to acquire the premium version of Mackeeper once I had finished my trial run. During the trial run I played around with most of these features and each and every one of them really impressed me.

The junk files cleanup ability that it offers too many of the separate miniature applications has really sped up my computer to almost the speed at which it came out when I originally unboxed that more than three years ago which is really saying something.

When you combine this with some of the more powerful features it offers such as the anti-virus feature which is the most obvious of all, but also geek on demand, the shredder option, and the data encryptor which is used for encrypting files that you wouldn’t for example want your wife seeing if you catch my drift, then the $80 so that you pay per year for the premium version of Mackeeper really starts to look like a steal.

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