Some Bowling Balls Are More Of A Hindrance Than A Help

Many times I was told that I was using the wrong bowling ball but I never cared for what people said probably because I didn’t have the money to get a new one. But as my game developed and I got a lot better it started to become blatantly obvious that the bowling ball that I was using was becoming more of a hindrance than a help.

I needed to hook the ball but using a straight ball I simply couldn’t manage to do it. So after visiting Gary in my local pro shop he recommended to types of bowling balls that I should consider purchasing. One was a Brunswick fury and the other was a beautiful, black limited edition Columbia Rock ball that had only been used once in a major competition.

Now these balls were pricey in themselves with the first setting me back almost $100 and the second one $30 more, but what really shocked me was that as I was paying I saw some other options from the elite brand ranges and the prices were close to $300! Who in their right mind would pay this much for a bowling ball I thought to myself but somehow Gary must have caught my eye and immediately said “ah they are for the pros”.

This eventually led to me asking why the pros need such an expensive ball and he explained the differences between each bowling ball and help each reacts in a different way.

It was then that I was hooked right in and although I knew it would be an expensive hobby to take up and has been proved right since, I can already see the difference in my game after I upgraded once again to the elite brand range bowling balls.

Some people might wonder if the price range justifies the ball’s ability to hook and curve etc. But how do you put a price on such a thing?

If you know something is worth a lot to you but can’t put a figure on it then you are best off just asking yourself how much would you miss it if you didn’t have it.

After testing the ball out in my local alley I simply knew that I had to have it and no price no matter how expensive was going to put me off. My faith was totally justified when I won my first amateur bowling competition having only entered for the first time. I was up against some very experienced players but with a clear vision of success in mind my elite ball did some serious damage to the lanes!

Hooking the bowling ball became an integral part of my game and is one part of the game that I would advise any new player to learn as quickly as possible.

Since you can’t really do this to great success by using a regular bowling ball at some stage or another I would highly recommend getting a second-hand ball that is designed for hooking.

You should almost immediately notice the difference in your game and if you don’t then just practice some more until you really begin to master your swing.

You can even begin to do this before you splash out on one of these balls by using a tennis ball to practice with. By creating an underhand spiral with your hand as you release it you should notice that it will begin to travel straight before beginning to curve or hook.

This is a sign that you are doing things the right way and if you continue to practice in this way you will have an immediate advantage when you eventually get your new bowling ball.

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