The Best Soil Mix For Your Pot Seeds For Sale

If you are growing marijuana seeds indoors then you can’t just use any old soil that you can find. Soil that is brought in from outdoors can contain many parasites and pests that you simply don’t want in your grow room. These pests can easily kill a fully developed cannabis plant, with spider mites being the worst offenders of all.

The soil that you are cannabis seeds grow in is one of the most important factors of all was one that is often overlooked by new weed growers. A well-balanced soil mixture that is aerated, nutrient rich, and provides good drainage is the ideal choice. Your cannabis plants need to be able to fully develop their root system in a spacious and well aerated medium, and suitable compost such as John Ins number 5 is designed with this in mind. Although John Ins compost is obviously not designed for marijuana, but probably more towards tomato growers and the likes, we have never come across a better soil mixture.

You can’t just use compost on its own however. Instead you need to mix it with some rough sand and perlite to help with the drainage and warm castings which act as a source of organic feed for your marijuana seeds for sale. Any other organic fertiliser that you can get your hands on should also be added here. You can even add some seaweed if you’re lucky enough to live by the coast since it contains a number of trace elements that all plants thrive on.

The last thing you want to do is to choke yourself on the dust that kicks up when mixing all of this so the best way to combat this is to set up a large mixing bowl outdoors and even wear a mask if you have to.

But how much of each should you put into the mix we hear you ask. Well, you should aim for approximately 60% potting soil mix followed by 15% of perlite. 10% warm castings should then be added, and this is the nutrient giving substance that will help your weed seeds thrive. The remaining 15% can be made up of any organic material that you can find so long as it NPK values are approximately 12, 6, 6. These figures stand for the percentages of each letter, with the number 12 standing for nitrogen, the middle 6 for phosphorus, and the remaining figure for potassium. During the vegetal stage marijuana users a great deal of nitrogen so is important to have slightly more of this and either of the other two elements when beginning your marijuana seed grow.

The perlite and sand an ideal for creating an almost spongy like texture to the mix allowing air in and water out. Your plants won’t receive any nutritional benefits from either of these since they are only there to serve the purpose that we mentioned.

Thoroughly mix everything together by hand making sure that there are no clumps of one substance or another in one area. If you do end up leaving a clump of say perlite, then any of your marijuana plant’s roots that reach that area will likely die as a result of not getting the nutrients that they need to grow.

The trick to knowing if the soil mixture is right is by squeezing it in your hand. The mix should be moist but not wet, and when you squeeze it it should not stick together but instead just crumple in your hand. You could almost say that it should feel like a soft cotton texture.

Allow your soil mix to sit for at least a couple of days before you place your weed seeds inside it. By allowing it rest the nutrients are given time to fully settle and disperse evenly in their new surroundings.

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